[Top 10] MK11 Best Custom Variations

MK 11 Best Custom Variations
The evolution of a zombie warrior!

Need tips, tricks, and information on the custom variations that give Mortal Kombat fighters the edge? Well, you’re in luck, as this list provides the top ten warriors of the MK roster thanks to customizations. This research will be based on numerous veteran MK players with massive knowledge about the overall mechanic. Let’s get started below:

10) Sindel

9) Noob Saibot

The original Sub-Zero has been pegged as one of the best fighters of the game thanks to his seeing double variation. During this variation, it’s best to use three of the following: Shadow Slide, Shadow Portals, and Sickle Snag. Using shadow portal and sickle snag allows Noob to get some sick combos that cause an insane amount of damage. Shadow Slide is best used for safety as the move doesn’t necessarily add much damage like the other two variations; however, Ghost ball is notoriously slow and not worth your time. Spirit Ball is a solid alternative option as it’s faster and causes some extra damage thanks to seeing double.

8) Baraka

The Tarkatan general has an amazing variation that allows up to 71% extra damage if the combo provided is pulled off properly. Gutted and Blade Charge are the customizations behind the badass combos, with the first variation allowing Baraka to get the meter burning combo that has the potential for high damage. Blade Charge boosts the speed of the original MK fighter, which helps with the addition of the blade charge special move; This also gives shine to neutral based attacks for Baraka. The MK fighter is a ground-and-pound type  fighter thus any combos focusing on the close-range or neutral moves is a big bonus for the Tarkatan warrior.

7) Sub-Zero

6) Johnny Cage

Our favorite Hollywood actor knows how to throw a hard right. A master at martial arts, Cage’s strength has been his ground-and-pound and by using the pissed-off customization, the MK original’s attacks become reliant on devastating punching combos. This ability comes with caged rage, a special large hook that not only guarantees some serious damage but is also somewhat unblockable. Should your opponent successfully defend against one of your attacks then the next is a definite hit no matter what. Pissed off is a great game-ender because of the critical punches that Cage can land. If you haven’t somehow finished off your opponent with a pissed-off combination then a rising star will do the trick.

5) Rambo

There’s a reason that the popular action star keeps ending up on “best of” lists: RAMBO IS JUST FUCKING GOOD! There’s a lot more variety when it comes to the Vietnam war veteran’s moveset; however, the abilities snare trap and fubar is a nice balance of lethal attacks and combos. The snare trap move pulls a hidden cord that traps said opponent in the air; Just like when Sub-Zero freezes a fighter, this allows the player to use those precious seconds and beat the hell out of the MK warrior. Fubar deals with grapple and strike-based moves that could ultimately be the match ender. This ability is great for enemies who love  to block as a little practice can ensure that Rambo nails  every devastating blow, not just the final move.

4) Terminator

What Terminator lacks in speed, his destroyer abilities make sure that the T-800 is not the machine to fuck with. What this variation does is boost Terminator’s ground and overhead-based attacks; Endo lunge allows the movie icon to pull off a nice aerial assault that can close the gap of opponents who decide to play the long-range game. Infiltrator toss prevents the enemy from pulling off-air moves thanks to its ability to extend combos that abuses Terminator’s strength to its full advantage. Another ability to consider is running man, which does help with Terminator’s slow speed by taking down the enemy with a devastating spear, punch, or kick that can’t be blocked by the opponent. These variations round out the legendary character and make him more dangerous than he already was.

3) Joker

Arkham asylum’s favorite patient is a unique case in the Mortal Kombat world. Joker’s mannerisms are captured perfectly in the MK universe, with the clown prince of darkness’ special brand of humor put on full display; Batsy pew-pew allows for the DC villain to close the distance on his opponents, getting rid of the long-range distance weakness that Joker has overall. Kapow and Corpse Trot has the murderous clown turn into a rushing power heavy that adds some nice variety that can catch your opponent off guard. With abilities like these, Batman won’t be the only person having a bad day.

2) Kung Lao

The original MK warrior may not have the best fatalities on the roster, but Kung Lao is a powerful bastard when the best variations are combined with the former Shaolin monk. One of Lao’s best abilities is z-hat, which punishes your opponent for blocking by causing heavy damage to the legs. What works perfectly with z-hat is spiritual guidance as both abilities together shut down aerial attacks and extend  moves if you decide to play the long-range game. These variations can also lull your opponent into a false sense of security and allow Kung Lao to drop him/her with a combo that can cause some major damage.

1) Jax Briggs

The special forces soldier’s grapple and beat’em up moves are amplified thanks to the variation hunker down, which allows for Briggs to grab your opponent mid-air and slam them down for a brutal counter (called Burning Hammer). Expert grappler has Jax pulling off wicked combos that would make it seem like the cybernetically-enhanced soldier went to some secret wrestling training camp during the summer. Honorable mention goes to enhanced outranked, which boosts Jax’s grapple moves and is one of the best ways Briggs can generate heat in his arms. 

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